Offshore Technology Driven Center

Establish a dedicated IT, Service Desk or SDR center offshore in the Philippines and gain access to world class skillset at optimal cost.

What We Offer?

Software Developers

SW developers in various technologies

Software Testing Specialists

Our specialists ensure maximum test coverage and quality of your software

Project Managers

Our PMs are ready to align your SW & applications ideas in the fastest way

Service Desk Specialists

Keep your customers in line with the best customer experience!

SDR Specialists

Flexible Sales development teams to accelerate your business

Affiliate Marketing Specialists

Establish your own marketing team to generate significant business funnel

Our Value Proposition

Access to highly skilled talents

Access to high skilled talents having expertise in both niche and conventional technologies


Flexible engagement terms specially designed to your needs to instantly scale up or down depending on your business requirements

Reduce time to market

Ramp existing team up in order to expedite deliverables by hiring our cross functional team

Extend your business offerings

Augment your service portfolio by acquiring access to new skills and technologies

Optimize resourcing costs

Save up-to 40% on costs with our personalized and flexible hiring model that will allow you to reach your goal within budget

Focus on core business

Free up your valuable internal resources and focus on your core business

Our Approach

Result Driven

We strive for the optimal solutions that would create the highest impact on your business.

Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is a critical part of the delivery lifecycle, and we facilitate customer’s continuous feedback

Excellent results by continuous Improvement

The world of technology is moving fast. We’re always learning and honing our skills to improve performance getting best results.

Think big, Start small

We believe in starting small without losing sight of the big price. We are the right partner to achieve growth and achieve success in 360°

Collaborative Environment

An environment of collaboration and feedback is where we thrive. We are with you every step of the way, from signing your first recruit to celebrating their successes.

Trust through every transaction

We do our best to deliver and meet our customer’s expectations. We build trust by proving we deliver

Our Customers

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