the team

Ronen Zuckerstein

Co-Founder & CEO

Ronen is an expert of building organizations and systems in various industry fields. His last venture was a start-up of quality control in the construction industry. Ronen is a well-connected person in the hi-tech industry from is previous positions.

Luisa Tenebroso

Co-Founder & Talents Manage

Luisa is a native Philippine who lives in Israel for the last 26 years. She speaks all relevant languages. Luisa managed remote teams in the Philippines for hi-tech & commercial companies, for sales, customer service, and customer retention. Her expertise is to build teams from recruiting, training, establish processes.

Jonathan Tenebroso


Jonathan is the leg on the ground in Manila. He is in charge of the operations including managing the recruiter’s team. Jonathan as a lot of experience as a recruiter, customer service and sales operations

Our Philosophy

MZAGS came from a sense of personal need.
From personal experience, the founders understood the real difficulties of finding the right partners for growth.
With all the service providers they’ve found, there was always something lacking prompting them to move on to another provider only to experience the same lack of.
It was a struggle. Problems keep rising left and right.
From choosing the right people to making sure the goals are kept has become tiresome, to the point of instead of becoming the most cost-effective solution, outsourcing has become the most demanding venture a company could ever take.
It has become more and more evident that there is a real need.
A need for a service provider that can be a real partner for growth.
A partner who will work hard in making sure you reach your goals by carefully analyzing and personalizing each approach.
MZAGS’ core comes from years of experience and unparalleled knowledge on almost all aspect of the business.
Our team of experts come with more than 55 years of combined experience in the field of sales, service, finance, business management, processes and organizations.